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  • Safety / crime
  • Safety / crime
  • Safety / crime
  • Safety / crime

Safety / crime

We know for those of you new to Qatar what you are about to read may seem unbelievable but it's the truth...on a hot summer's day it is not at all unusual to see someone pull a Maserati up in front of the mall doors leave car running with keys in and doors unlocked while they run in for an iced coffee from Starbucks. That is how safe Qatar is....can we really say anymore?

The official crime rate in Qatar is one of the lowest in the world, making it a desirable place to live in terms of safety. Strict laws and severe infringement penalties are an effective deterrent -the country imposes some of the highest fines for traffic violations in the world. Still it pays to be vigilant and take sensible precautions with valuables and cash.

Street crime is almost unheard of and the most common form of disturbance is driving related. Everyday there are serious and minor accidents so please wear your seat belt, use a head set or blue tooth and do not text and drive.

To keep on the right side of the law, residents should familiarise themseleves with local customs as failure to observe them can have serious repercussions. Alert your embassy immediately if you are in trouble with the law , and consult a legal professional for advice and representation.

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