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  • Life in Qatar
  • Life in Qatar
  • Life in Qatar
  • Life in Qatar

Life in Qatar

If you live in Qatar you will quickly learn that there is not much you can do unless you have your ID card or Passport with you. This includes buying a SIM card, entering a bar or registering for just about anything. Typically, your ID card and you residency permit will expire at the same time so that's a good thing.

The Local population  wears traditional dress in public. For men this is the dishdasha (or khandura, or thobe) - white full-lenght  shirt dress, which is worn with a white , or red and white checked, headdress called a gutra, secured with a black cord (agal). For Qatari women wear the black abaya a long loose black robe that covers their normal clothes - plus a head scarf called the sheyla. Some women also wear a thin black veil covering their face, and / or gloves, and older women sometimes still wears a leather mask, known as himaar.

Culinary styles from around the world have ,made their way to Qatar to cater to the tastes of the cosmopolitan society. Most western fastfood brands have found a home in Qatar and many supermarkets stock items to give you a little slice of home. 

It is legal to purchase alcohol in Qatar from the QDC if you have a liquor permit. If not may still consume alcoholic beverages if you are at a licensed bar or restaurant.

With such a huge expat population you can find food from around the world at grocery stores, restaurants and cafes. The most affordable and popular types are Indian, Turkish and Lebanese.

Qatar very well suited for children of all ages but particularly for young ones. There are play areas along the Corniche as well as in many hotels and eating establishments. When it come s to education Qatar is second to none. There are a wide variety of international schools teaching North American, European and Asian curriculums.

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