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Health Care

One thing is for sure, health care in Qatar is world class and you can always find an informed English speaking health care professional to help you.

Did you know that all health care and medicine is free for babies under one year old? Yes, it's true.  Older children require a 100QR health card and once they have that their health care, too is free! Of course we are talking about planned medical visits as emergency health care is always available to visitors, residents or citizens.

The country offers a choice of public or private health care. Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is the premier non-profit health care provider it manages five specialized hospitals and 24 primary health care centers.

Private health care clinics are abundant but their services are not covered by the State issued Health Card. Many expats chose to supplement the State provided coverage with private insurance coverage it is best to inquire with your sponsors HR representative for more information as they may have a preset plan.

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