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 Your sponsor may offer accommodation as part of your employment package the two most common forms of accommodation compensation are either a villa or apartment that is rented under the sponsors name or an accommodation allowance within your salary. 

There  are many types of housing to chose from in Doha from the ultra sleek downtown towers in West Bay to the colorful apartments reminiscent of San Trope at the Pearl there is something to suit everyones tastes and budget. 


Here you will find fully furnished apartments where all you need to do is unpack you suitcase, semi-furnished apartments equipped with the basic appliances or completely unfurnished. You may also find the option to rent from month-to-month (slightly more expensive), for 6-months or the standard rental period of 2 years. Typically, lessors will require 1-2 months deposit in addition to postdated checks for the duration of your rental period.  


As an expat you also have the option to purchase in certain locations in Qatar, such as The Pearl 



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