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University of Calgary Qatar

The University of Calgary – Qatar has been offering a Bachelor of Nursing Degree program in Doha for almost five years now.   It turned out its first batch of nursing degree graduates in 2010.  The Qatar health care system is now richer by 24 highly trained nurses.  111 students are presently enrolled at the university, 26 of which are Qatari.  Along with the regular track nursing program and a post diploma bachelor of nursing program, part-time studies and preparatory foundation programs are being offered at the Canadian university.

A Part-time Studies Program was started early in 2011.  It allows nurses who are working in the health care system in Qatar now to upgrade their credentials to a nursing degree. UCQ’s high-tech Clinical Simulation Learning Centre (CSLC) is equipped with some of the most sophisticated teaching resources available world-wide. 

A family of high-fidelity simulators that mimic the anatomical workings of a human body are available to students.  Every possible medical scenario from critical and acute care to maternity and newborn assessments is created.  The students are able to provide treatment and care without fear of mistakes.  It helps build confidence that becomes invaluable in real life.  The scenarios are recorded and debriefing sessions are held giving students feedback on their care-giving decisions and technique. 

UCQ has received over $1 million U.S. in research funding.  Through the generosity of the State of Qatar residents will benefit from the discoveries made in a variety of subjects including breast cancer screening practices of Qatari women, breast feeding practices and strengthening primary health care nursing in Qatar.

The University of Calgary - Qatar offers two unique streams leading to a Bachelor of Nursing Degree.

Tel : +974 44065200
Fax: +974 44065299
Website: www.qatar.ucalgary.ca

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