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Founded in 1977, Qatar University (QU) is Qatar’s leading institution of higher education committed to fostering an intellectual and scholarly community characterized by teaching excellence as well as free and respectful exchange of ideas. QU deeply believes in the necessity to serve the needs of its students and the requirements of the Qatari community and labor market. It offers over 60 academic programs in seven colleges: the College of Education, the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Shariaa & Islamic Studies, the College of Engineering, the College of Law, the College of Business & Economics and the College of Pharmacy.
Among institutions of higher education in Qatar, QU offers the widest and most diverse range of academic programs that support the University’s interdisciplinary approach by emphasizing collaborative inquiry and fostering a true learning community with the aim to develop the skills students need to function well in a complex, team-oriented work place.
Qatar University also enjoys an advanced and established research infrastructure including a large number of advanced labs, an ocean vessel, sophisticated research equipment, and the largest library in Qatar with rare manuscripts and invaluable resources.  QU’s research capacities serve the research requirements of local industries and provide students with an optimal environment for hands-on research experience.
Over the decades, Qatar University succeeded in establishing strong ties with the local community and industries and helped its students and graduates in gaining valuable local experience through relevant research projects. Additionally, QU’s role as a beacon of knowledge to the Qatari industry and society exposes students to industry specific issues and gives them a deeper understanding of the local peculiarities of their own specializations.
Admitting around 70% of Qatari high school graduates, QU remains the primary choice for university-bound Qatari students and is an indispensable partner in the Qatarization efforts of local companies and institutions. With an ambitious reform project and increased focus on English language, IT skills, and a new core curriculum program that prepares well-rounded high-achieving individuals, QU’s graduates are demonstrating increasingly higher performance levels on the job market. Most Colleges at QU are now in the process of seeking or finalizing their own top-standard international accreditations following the footsteps of the College of Engineering which achieved its ABET” international accreditation,.

Tel          : +974  44033333
E-mai     :info@qu.edu.qa
Website :www.qu.edu.qa

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