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  • Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies

Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies

The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) is an international center for Islamic thinking and dialogue, committed to enhancing research into Islamic culture. The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, was established to achieve intellectual plurality that emphasizes the richness and diversity of the Islamic heritage.

Research Centres

Research is an integral activity to QFIS. Whether part of a teaching programme, the fruit of individual effort, joint collaboration, or part of an externally funded project, research represents an important commitment to QFIS. It is a fundamental requirement for the development of human resource skills, as well as a key driver of social development more broadly.

The main goal of QFIS's research centres is to provide an opportunity for postgraduate students as well as resident and visiting scholars to investigate research topics in their fields of interest in an environment rich with facilities and expert guidance. Centres will promote research in key areas related to QFIS's major graduate programs of study.

The centres will also be active in organizing debate-rounds and conferences bringing together distinguished scholars and practitioners from national and international fora to further key areas of research.  In due course a series of publications will be launched to fully establish our research centres as centres of excellence in the field of Islamic Studies. Serving as the heart of informed discussions about various topical issues, these centres will act as a launch pad for QFIS; a role that is bound to create a powerful scientific media presence.

Al-Qaradawi Centre for Research in Moderate Thought

Islamic Economics and Finance

Contemporary Muslim Societies

Governance and Public Policy

Islamic Urban Planning and Architecture

Tel      : +974 44546600 
Email : qfisinfo@qfis.edu.qa
Website : www.qfis.edu.qa

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