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Qatar International School

Curriculum: Independent British Curriculum School
QIS is an English-speaking independent day school located in Doha, capital city of the State of Qatar. The school follows the National Curriculum of England (commonly referred to as the 'British National Curriculum') for students ranging between 3 and 18 years of age. The school is very well established, having been in continuous operation since its formation in 1977. It is a British-run, family concern, and we pride ourselves in encouraging a friendly, caring environment for students and staff alike.

The school is not academically selective, but we do require all students to reach a sufficient minimum standard in English and Mathematics to fit in with their peers. Detailed information on the enrolment procedure is included . The school has been operating at full capacity for the past several years, with a substantial waiting list.

Our student body is truly international, with over 50 countries represented at last count. English is their second language for over 95% of students. While the teaching staff is predominantly British and the curriculum taught in English, the school is adept at integrating students coming from a wide variety of cultural and academic backgrounds.

: Dafna West Bay Area, adjacent to French School and new Lebanese school
Telephone : +974 44833456
Fax: +974 44831096
Email: info@qis.org
Website: www.qis.org

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