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Doha Independent School

Our mission is to be the best Boy's Secondary School in the State of Qatar. We will prepare 15 to 18 year old students to exit our school at the end of grade 12 with the desire for further academic success, work place satisfaction and professional achievement while on track to becoming influential, thoughtful, caring citizens. They will be motivated to strive for success throughout their personal and professional lives. This will be achieved through a dynamic, challenging, national standards based curriculum and assessment schemata. Our teaching and learning strategies will deliver the curriculum through robust efforts at improvement within the framework of a well thought out Professional Development Program of leadership training, teacher mentoring, content acquisition, coaching, effective strategies and a foundational belief system that all students can experience academic and social success.

Telephone :+974 44692465 /44692470 /44692471
Fax:+974 44687008
E-mail: doha-sb@sec.gov.qa
Website: www.dohaiss.edu.qa


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