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Schools & Universities

The standard of schooling in Qatar is very high; the facilities are excellent, teachers are well - qualified and there is a variety of curricula to suit many nationalities. Added to that, children have the benefit of being exposed to cultures and experiences beyond the scope of schooling opportunities in their home country. The main difficulty is finding a place for your child.

Nursery is a great option for families in which both parents are working full-time. Some establishments accept babies as young as 3 months and are either open all day, or have late afternoon pick-ups. Most Nurseries are far from being just  day-care institutions and follow formal international curricula designed for the educational and social development of your child. 

The School year runs from September to June , with applications for enrollment not usually accepted before January. Schools will accept  enrollments mid-year if there is place available. Each schools has its own enrolment requirements, but generally you need to submit an application  form along with the required fee. 

Education city, the flagship  project of the Qatar Foundation, has campuses from some of the best universities  from North America. These offer a wide range of diploma and degree courses available for students to choose from , including design art, business and computer science, medical degrees, engineering, and journalism with Northwestern University. The national university, Qatar University is a gender segregated, English - Arabic institution, its has a population of  8,000 students , male and female, including Qataris and children of other nationals who are lilving in the country, as well as scholarship students from the Middle East Region. 

Boys will need to get visa through relevant university, but girls can stay on their father's or husband sponsorship.


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