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The country's landscape is melange of coarse and fine sand, scare indigenous flora and fauna. Qatar's government and several private organizations and world wide conservation groups such as UNESCO are committed to preserving the environment whilst the extraction of the country's vast hydrocarbons continues.

As you might expect in a country with such an arid climate, the variety of flora and fauna in Qatar is limited, although still interesting. Much of the country consists of sand dunes, rocky hills, and expanses of Sabkha( salt flats) with little vegetation. 

After the winter rains it is fascinating to take a trip to one of the country's many deserts and watch as the desert blooms with green plants and bushes. Qatar has no rivers, although there are coastal wetland areas with extensive mangrove woodlands.

Creatures that may be encountered in the wild include the Ethiophian hedgehog, the Arabian Fox, Jirds, Jerboas and various species of  reptiles. Qatar also has a number of resident and migratory bird species.

As Qatar is a dessert, there is an existing scarcity of fresh water resources, which has been  addressed by aggressive development of desalination technology and some tapping  of underground sources.

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