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Waqif souq

The Waqif souq is the one place in Qatar where you can find anything and everything.

Made up of a large labyrinth of alleyways lined with various shops, the popular souq is a feast for the senses. Selections of perfumes, spices, incense, sweets, rice and dried fruits are so plentiful they often spill out of the shops into the alleys where shoppers find them too tempting to resist.

The perfume shops entice customers to enter a world of enchanting aromas.

Fragrances from exclusive international brands are available as are unique perfumes blended to please the individual taste of each customer. Traditional Arabian and Indian essential oils are a must-have for those seeking that one-of-a-kind scent.

In addition to the perfume boutiques, the market is home to many frankincense sellers those shops are overflowing with piles of different types of oud. Traditionally this sweet-smelling agar wood is burned in Qatari homes and offices as a sign of hospitality.

Shoppers can also select bokhur, which are fibrous balls made by mixing oud with white musk, sandalwood oil, ambergris, mystica and rose oil. The variety of scents that can be created by mixing different quantities of each ingredient is infinite, thus ensuring many return shoppers.

Spice traders further enrich the Waqif souqs unique atmosphere. Nestled in their own dedicated area, the merchants display aromatic ground spices in boxes, sacks and huge tubs. Traders sometimes fill bags or glasses with layers of different spices, making a unique and colorful composition for each customer to take home and try.

Shops selling other sundry items such as coffee pots, incense burners and hand-woven goods are also plentiful in the Waqif souq. A few merchants sell brass-studded wooden chests in varying sizes that can serve as everything from a small jewellery box to a large blanket chest.

Traditional Qatari dresses and fabrics as well as luggage, tools, general hardware, tents and kitchenware are also for sale. And plans are underway to establish falconry and carpets sections in the area where Al-Ahmed souq is currently located.

Planning a visit

Souqs are always the vibrant center of Arab cities, serving as a meeting location as well as a trading place. After shopping at Waqif souq, enjoy a cup of tea and smoke some shisha in one of the many traditional teahouses.
We also recommend a visit to the typing section, where those who cannot read or write are assisted with completing documents or writing letters.

 UTM coordinates N 25° 17' 22" E 51° 32' 01"


The Waqif souq is located in the center of Doha. Take the Al-Corniche toward the airport and turn onto Hamad Street. There are several parking lots in the area.

Just Visiting

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