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  • Umm Salal Muhammed fort
  • Umm Salal Muhammed fort
  • Umm Salal Muhammed fort

Umm Salal Muhammed fort

This fort lies in Umm Salal Muhammed area, 21 Km from Doha. It is one of the residential forts that date back to the late 19th century.
Umm Salal Mohammed boasts two interesting sights: an old fort that has been reduced to two towers, a mosque and one other structure; and another tower that is in a run-down area of town but is interesting nevertheless. The fort is regularly closed but it's easy enough to climb over the low wall to get inside the grounds. Once inside, you can climb to the top of the mosque or, better still, part of the way up one of the towers or nearly all the way up the other. Photographing the towers can be good in either the early morning or late afternoon, though if you want to take a picture of the front of the mosque, which faces east, it is better to go in the morning.

The tower, a couple of minutes in a car to the west, lies near an oasis of palm trees and greenery, next to a mosque. The bottom portion of the tower appears to be in use as living quarters for a family, but it is still easy to get close to the base of the tower for a better look or for a photo. Though there are steps near the top of the tower, these don't appear to be accessible at present.

Address: Umm Salal Muhammad Area

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