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Waqif Art Center

The Waqif Art Center aims to preserve and enhance both Qatari and Middle Eastern artistic traditions, bringing together those who love art and culture to share knowledge and ideas, talent and inspiration.

Over the centuries the art of the Middle East has developed a visual language that continuously inspires some of the most famous names in art, yet for decades our finest artists have felt the need to move to major art centers in Europe and America to have their work seen and appreciated. As new museums and galleries open across the region, there has never been a more important time to establish a new center for art commerce in Doha in order to convey Qatar's artistic message to the rest of the world.

A cultural destination, the Waqif Art Center will contribute to making a new cultural and creative hub in Doha, with its involvement in the most up-to-date, contemporary art culture without compromising the aesthetics of tradition and heritage inherent to the location. With an open attitude and the spirit to experiment with exhibition methods, the Waqif Art Center wants to show art from 'here and now.'


Website : www.waqifartcenter.com

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